Martial Arts is just not about self-defense, fitness or any sports. It's a way of life, a life in harmony with one's mind and body and with nature, its about disciplining to the tune of nature and one's self, its about legacies and the rich cultural inheritance. We at Life Institute of Tai-Chi & Martial Arts (LITMA) under the profound guidance of Shifu Alexander Fernandes, aim at spreading this legacy across the globe and creating a synchronised, balanced, harmonious stress free life for every individual regardless of their gender, caste, creed, culture, beliefs and faith... irrespective of their socio-economic and demographic difference - creating a world of ‘MARTIALITEs’. Over the past three decades, Shifu Alexander Fernandes and his team LITMA are dedicated to brighten, sparkle and spread this art and are constantly working towards simplifying, routinizing its dimensions and forms.

Our Vision

LITMA aims at imparting the rich legacy of martial arts to the generations to come in a systematic, uniform, syllabised form. It also aims to conduct constant research and develop new methodology to improve and uplift the art.

Our Mission

LITMA strives to enrich every individual with the forma of internal and external martial arts to strengthen resilience and spread the art in a structured manner through its gurukuls across the globe and benefit mankind…


Alexander Fernandes (also known by his Chinese name Shān chéng dà lì) and popularly known as Alex Sir; is the Founder & President of Life Institute of Tai-Chi & Martial Arts (LITMA). Sir Alex, is an Internationally acclaimed Martial Arts Teacher and Practitioner. He is trained in Hua Chuan Kung-Fu (Wushu) & Tai-Chi Chuan when he was 14yrs old. He’s been trained in all kinds of Shadow-Boxing especially in Simplified Taijiquan & Traditional Martial Arts from Beijing, China.

He won the championship of ‘International Taijiquan Exchange Competition’ in the year 2006 and was also the FIRST INDIAN who participated in ‘The 50Th Anniversary of Simplified Taijiquan Popularization Yongnian, Handan, China’ in the year 2006.

Sir Alexander Fernandes is teaching at various institutes in Mumbai; one of the major metropolitan cities of India since 3 decades and has earned reputation at National & International levels. He is also a Physical Fitness Teacher & Trainer at St. Dominic Savio High School for the last 2 decades.